Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Can we talk about how great babies are for a minute? I get it-- they cry, they spit up, they get up in the night. If anybody ever asked me if babies were hard, I would raise my hand. But there's something about babies that is just so magically wonderful. I've compiled a couple of my favorites here.

A baby's smile lights up a room. There isn't a person that can't help but smile when they see a baby smile. That big, toothless grin, those happy eyes, it's just so adorable. What a special gift they have, to bring light to the darkness!

Baby feet, arm rolls, and chunky thighs. They are miniature but so fat! It's hilarious!! Nothing brings joy to the world like holding in your hand a cute, fat baby foot!

Babies are squishy. When else have you seen someone's squishiness and thought... all the heart-eyes!!! You could squish their little cheeks, snuggle their little arm bands all day long. Delaney loves to tell me, "Mom, you know what part of Frank I like? (and then she proceeds to point to his face, his arms, his chest) Here, here, and here. It's all so cute!!" I totally agree!

The baby smell. I can't convey this through pictures, but I love that baby smell.

Babies are innocent. I love the far away look in babies' eyes. The "I don't know what's going on, but I'm lovin' life"-look.

Babies bring with them a special spirit. Yes babies cry, and whine, and have incessant needs... but they also bring with them a spirit that is unable to be duplicated. They can't talk, but they communicate so much. Sweetness, joy, happiness. All of this in communicated in a baby's mere presence. I believe it's because they are so fresh from heaven, and it's something you can't get any other way. It's really quite a special feeling to have in your home.


  1. Love the post, love the pictures, love babies! Love, Mom

    1. You are the ultimate baby lover Mom!! I learned from the best!!

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