Monday, October 31, 2016

October little things

 One morning Cheyenne had a "fog delay" for school, but Delaney still had preschool, so I took Ephraim, Cheyenne, and Frank on a walk at the park by our house. Such a beautiful park.

At the pumpkin patch

 Delaney and Ephraim made "spider hats" at the childwatch at the YMCA. So cute.

Beautiful Indiana sunset

Family Bike Night at Cheyenne's school. Ben likes to show her "how to ride it."

The teachers at the preschool are just so kind and wonderful with kids. I love the positive attitude they have about children and parenting.

One time Ben asked me what I was up to, and this is what I sent him.

Our "Halloween wall." I got all of it for only $15 at Target!

Our Halloween door. This cute cover was only 98 cents at Walmart!

One Saturday we went on a fun family bike ride.

Cheyenne had fall break from school, so.... cake for breakfast.

5 months old

Cheyenne's school pictures. It makes me feel really weird that I'm old enough to have a kid in elementary school.

One of our favorite dinners. Salmon, asparagus, wild rice. Delaney was trying to sneak a piece of the leftover salmon!

Life's not always happy!

Ben's favorite way to relax is to watch woodworking/metalworking videos on Youtube. Most nights he will rock Frank to sleep while watching those videos. On mutual nights I put the kids to bed by myself, and I'm pretty sure Frank missed his dad! "Tractor movie" is literally a video of a tractor plowing a field, etc. (one of Ben & Ephraim's favorite things to watch together). A "shop update" is when a Youtube woodworker makes a video showing you the improvements he's made to his shop lately. Exciting stuff around here!

I voted already/early! So glad to have that over with and I don't have to think about it anymore.

I love this quote from Peter Pan. I get sad sometimes thinking about my little boy growing up, hormones, and everything else that happens as they get older. Ephraim is so sweet, and innocent. It's sad to think that he won't always be like that. He's my little buddy. Who knows, maybe when he grows up he won't even like me! Ok that's probably a little extreme but I just love the stage that he's in right now.
Nevermind. He can grow up.

Sometimes I have to take pictures of my kids doing naughty things just so I don't swear. Good trick my sister taught me. Really helps you see that this is something you will look back on and laugh about later!

It seems like lately I've been having a little bit of a hard time with my kids and being in the right mindset. They've been fighting a lot, having bad behavior, my workload seems so heavy, and I've been grouchy and mean. One night I sat down after a long day and I saw this view from the couch, cute little kids coats hung up in the closet. It touched my heart, and made me grateful. It reminded me that this is what I've always wanted, a little family all of my own. I was glad for the reminder and I've been trying to get back in a good mindset.

Ok, maybe I'm not there yet!
One night after I complained loudly about "doing all the work around here" or something like that ;), Cheyenne took it upon herself to put the food away after dinner. It was the sweetest thing. She said, "You work so hard for us Mom, I want to show you how grateful I am." Sometimes my kids do things that are so incredibly kind and good, without any prodding from me, and I am reminded that, "a little child shall lead them."

Ben turned 34. Love that guy!

Bug parade at preschool

For the Primary Program at church I was in charge of getting flowers for the chorister, pianist, etc. They were beautiful! I just love fresh flowers.

Primary kids!

Our two Primary girls

The kids convinced me to dress for Halloween this year. It's not that I don't like dressing up (okay, maybe a little) but it's just so time-consuming (and expensive) to do costumes for all the little kids, I'm just spent when it comes to doing adult costumes (I'm aware there are cheaper and easier ways to do costumes... it just takes more creative energy and adds more stress than happiness to me at this point!). Anyway, the kids were begging me to dress up, and it brings them so much joy to see their mom "participate." I went as a witch which turned out to be super easy and inexpensive. Black dress I already had, black shoes I already had, just some classic striped witch socks and a witch hat. The kids loved it!