Sunday, September 11, 2016

Roadtrip 2016

This is super old now (since we took our roadtrip in July) but I wanted to record a few of the things we did on our road trip from Indiana to Utah and Idaho. I want to be able to remember what kinds of things we need to do differently or remember to do for next time.

-Frank was 5 weeks old when we went on the road trip. Initially, I was a little worried about traveling with a newborn, but it was actually just fine. He slept a lot, and only woke up when he needed to eat. Yeah we had to stop a lot, but we had a newborn so we were already planning on it taking us a long time.
-Along with that, we drove through the night both there and back, which I really liked. Neither of us were getting a good night's sleep anyway because we had a newborn, so we figured we might as well take shifts and drive! It made it possible for us to do the drive in two days instead of three, and we were always able to be done driving by dinnertime.
      On the way there we left Kokomo at 8pm, and drove through the night to Cheyenne, WY (16 hours). The next day was only 10 hours to Boise.
     On the way home we left Provo about 8pm and drove through the night to Des Moines, IA (15.5 hours). The next day we drove 7 hours to Kokomo.
-In the nighttime, a couple of times we had to pull over and sleep because both of us were too tired to drive, but we still made pretty good time. I don't think we could have driven for 30 hours straight like my parents used to do, switching off (from WV to ID every summer). That night at the hotel really made a difference in how tired you felt the next day.

-I brought too many snacks. I wish I would have planned it out better rather than just buying a bunch of snacks.
-The only "fresh" snacks we had were apples and carrot sticks, things that didn't need to be refrigerated on a drive. That being said, they can't be unrefrigerated for two days, so buy a small bag of each that will only last for one day, and then buy them again the next time you need them.
-We only stopped, foodwise, for lunch. For dinner a cool thing we did was we would order a pizza to our hotel room, I would take the kids to the pool, and then Ben would be in the room to get the pizza so the kids could eat as soon as we got out of the pool.

-I bought/brought way too many toys and activities! For some reason on our last roadtrip (2015) I brought a bunch of different activities and it turned out okay. I think I kept them in the back and only brought out one at a time. But this time, since we now have a minivan with plenty of space, the kids were in charge of all their own stuff and it was just mass chaos and mess all the time.
-I brought stuff with small little parts (puzzles, games, magnets)... dumb. I kept thinking, "the kids are older this year, they'll take better care of their stuff." Nope.
-Maybe just buy ONE new toy for the kids for the trip so they can look forward to it (but no small parts!)
-One thing I liked that I have done is to make the roadtrip something to really look forward to. Not just going to see cousins, but getting the kids really excited about actually driving there in the car, and being in the car (buying new stuff certainly helps with that). I want to make sure to keep a culture of enjoying the roadtrip, and not just enduring it.
-Save movies for a specific time, like after lunch, or when you are really desperate
-Books on CD can be entertaining for the kids, but it's more important for the driver to be entertained so they will stay awake.

Staying Awake
-If your partner is asleep, you need a really really good book on CD to listen to to stay awake while driving. I prefer fiction, something with a really captivating storyline (can't be slow at all or you will fall asleep!). Ben likes nonfiction about something he is really interested in (he loved a book on inventors this time).
-Ben loves sunflower seeds to stay awake. Ranch is his favorite flavor.

Our trip
-We spent one evening + 1 day in Boise, 1 day + 1 morning in HSB, drove down to Bountiful and spent one evening + 1 day in Bountiful, and then one very full day in Provo. We wished we would have had one more day in HSB and one more day in Provo.

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