Sunday, August 28, 2016

August little things

Seeing life from a different angle!

I got a tripod for my birthday (thanks for the birthday money, Mom & Dad!) Excited to finally be in a few pictures! Being behind the camera may not be Ben's favorite thing... especially when his wife is very specific in what she wants in a picture... so the tripod has been good in more ways than one!

Good hair day! I only seem to take pictures on GOOD hair days, where's all the pictures of a "regular" day in sweats?

Just kidding, here's one! A typical morning with all the kids, before Cheyenne started going to school :(. I picture I sent their dad.

Another good hair day

He. is. so. chunky.

Side note: the kids found an old soccer medal I had from when I was a kid and just think it is a coolest thing and love to wear it around. I'm glad it can get some use! Better than it sitting in some box.

 Been trying to capture Frank's smile/laugh on camera which he loves to do, especially when I talk or sing to him. I've been unsuccessful so far. Here's some little grins.

This kid is too funny. He's at a great age. Sometimes when he talks Ben and I just look at each other and smile because he says the funniest things/the way he says things is so funny.

He kept saying he was "going on a man date to Amish country" with his dad (Ben loves to take drives into the country, "Amish country" on Sundays). 

This kid used to keep me up at 3am, so I'd take pictures of him. No more! He's a pretty good sleeper, sometimes he'll sleep in until 7am.

I've been trying to (unsuccessfully) figure out Snapchat. Since I don't really know what I'm doing I just send my little sister snaps of Frank all the time. She loves it! I'm glad Frank has a fan besides me!

Sent a text to my sister Sarah her favorite salad dressing was at Kroger! She was so excited!

Sent a text to my sister-in-law letting her know I made her favorite bran muffins filled with cream cheese. Too bad she was 1200 miles away!

Pineapple Chicken Curry for dinner! One of our long time favorites (Recipe here)

Cheyenne's very first lunch! Packing my first lunch of MANY MANY more to come!!

She made it home on her very first day! The celebratory text I sent Ben and my mom

Cheyenne took a short reading class this summer and loved it. With her teacher, "Mr. Christian."

 We went to our cousin Gran'ts baptism just over the Indiana border in Ohio. We love seeing family! Grant was the cutest at his baptism. Also, I need to get out of the habit of taking photos when we're about to leave!
 Love Indiana sunsets! On the way home.
Cheyenne got some clothes from her cousin Jaylin that she just LOVES. She idolizes Jaylin and is always asking me when she's going to get some work boots like Jaylin, even though we don't have a farm to use them on...

 Another dress from Jaylin. This one is a particular favorite of hers because it's "sparkily."

Sunday selfie... turns out it's A LOT harder to take a selfie of six people than I thought. We need a selfie stick!

 Cute kids on the way to church

Finally stained our wood sign my sister Sarah gave us as a gift last year. It looks SO good in black! Also, hung up our huge family picture in canvas. It looks great!

Really enjoying the artistic freedom I can have with my tripod in my low light house.


  1. So many similarities my friend! Medals and sparkly dresses to name a couple. I'm glad you're doing well. 😊

    1. Yes we are! Also, we love your vlogs. Please tell Taber!!

  2. Your hairstyles are SO beautiful! And Frank is SO adorable, I just can't stand it. I loved your family pictures in an earlier post, and I love that you canvassed one! It looks so great.

    1. Carly-- You're so nice to say that! Thank you! And Frank IS the cutest baby ever!!