Sunday, July 10, 2016

Summer Travels

I forgot to post these super cute photos my sis-in-law Michelle sent me. Michelle and Mom Dilsaver watched the kids for a few days after Frank was born to give me a break. It sure looks like they had a lot of fun!! It was exactly what my kids needed since I was so consumed with the baby. It means the world to me that they would drop everything and take on my kids like that! So blessed to be a part of this family!

My sister Heather used to live in Ohio just 5 hours from us but they just recently moved to Tampa, Florida. We are so sad to see them leave the Midwest! We had one last hurrah to say goodbye. We met in the middle, Dayton, OH and went to the Air Force museum. We had a lot of fun and the museum was awesome.

Thanks for the fun times Heather!!

One afternoon Delaney and Cheyenne were playing outside. Cheyenne was swinging around a plastic colander and didn't realize Delaney was there and she hit Delaney in the face (apparently quite hard) and actually knocked two of Delaney's front teeth loose. Unfortunately the dentist said they had to be pulled. Unless we decide to do something about it, Delaney will have this giant hole in her mouth until those permanent teeth grow in (a few years from now!).

 And now they're pulled. She now has, as my Dad says, a "unique smile" :)

 We had a whirlwind road trip driving out to Idaho and Utah (when Frank was 5 weeks old!). Listened to some fun kid music on the way. My brother and sister-in-law introduced us to this Jim Gill CD years ago.
Our kids at Little America in Wyoming.

We got to spend some time with my sister Haley and her kids, which was so fun. 

I got to take pictures of Haley's cute little family

Adorable girls!

Got to have some of Uncle Greg's famous pizza!

Haley's baby, Abby, is one month older than Frank.

Cute little Leslie (Haley's)

Ephraim got to check out the train that is right near Grandpa's house. He was in heaven.

We got to spend some time at my brother Joel's house and Delaney got an awesome ride on Caroline's pink hummer.

Next we got to visit my sister Bethany in Bountiful and had a great time there as well!

My brothers (Derek & Dillon) & sister (Cassidy) came up from Provo. Each of our three families had a baby in the last year!

Here are the mothers with the babies

We are the four youngest siblings in our family

Our cousin Alan and my sister Cassidy. Some of my favorites!

I got to take family photo's of my brother's adorable family

Their sweet angel Ruby!

Fresh apricots from Bethany's tree

The girls put on a play for us, "The Little Mermaid."

Our baby with Bethany's baby Danny (18 months).

Our trip was much too short! But I was glad we got to see so many people that I love. Here's the kids in the hotel on the way home. 

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