Wednesday, July 20, 2016

July little things

Our summer is winding down. We have less than three weeks until Cheyenne starts kindergarten (Aug. 10th!). We've really been trying to soak in the summer and have been having a lot of fun. I've still had plenty of days where I've wanted to rip my hair out and all the kids were crying and whining, and we're all excited for school to start, but I love the easy going schedule and all the FUN things you can do during summer! I know most people get depressed after they have a baby, but for me, a lot of times it's the opposite. I'm SO relieved I'm not pregnant anymore, I'm not uncomfortable, I can BEND DOWN (seriously, I am always so grateful I can bend down). I always feel my best in the summer AND I'm not pregnant means I'm pretty motivated.

I saw these little tiny Carhartt overalls at the Rural King and I had to take a picture for Ben. So cute!!

Me with all my kids. Isn't being a Mom so fun!!! This is after Cheyenne's swimming lessons. Just a regular day, a pic I sent their dad.

Always fun with the kiddie pool and hose

Ephraim is the sweetest big brother. "I hold him, Mom?"

Delaney really loves her Daddy. Scratch that. ALL the kids love their Daddy, it's like I don't exist when he's home. I can't blame them, he's a pretty cool guy.

These big sisters also love to hold Frank. Cheyenne's even fed him a bottle a couple times! We're slowly entering the world of real helpers.

My sister Heather gave us bags of baby boy clothes which we greatly accepted. But some of the stuff she gave us was just a little TOO creepy...

Ben bought a foam board RC airplane that he's been putting together. The kids like to "help."

Ben is also very good at putting babies to sleep...

Fun time at the library! We love our library (although my crew is a little too loud for our small library probably).

Part of a series of texts I was sending back and forth to Ben when Delaney locked the baby in my bedroom and I had to get the doorknob off... Luckily everything turned out just fine!

I took the kids to a Primary activity an hour away and when we got back to our car there was a frog on our windshield wipers!

It must be summer, that means cherries! I had to send a text to my sister-in-law thanking her for this pitter-contraption we use every year!!

My aunt is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. She loves to buy outfits and make blankets for all of my kids (and all of my sibling's kids... that's a lot!). She's been doing nice stuff like this for me since I was a little girl. You can't help but love her! Makes me want to grow up and be nice too!

My brother loves my chicken lettuce wraps so I sent him this picture one day to make him jealous!

Ben took Cheyenne on a date

I love these two cuties

I took the kids on a Sunday evening walk at this beautiful park by our house.

I love to see the temple! The Indianapolis Temple is gorgeous. I love that we get to go there.

I sent this picture to my sister Heather who lives in Florida. This is when our AC broke and we were dying. Her AC is always set to this in Florida!

Went to the fair as a family. The kids LOVED the rides!

Another Sunday evening at the park by our house

This kid is a serious PORKER... we just went to his 2 month check-up and he gained 5 pounds in two months! He was 7.6 at birth, now he's 13 lbs, 7 oz!! LOVE my chunky baby!!

In our church ward one of our responsibilities is doing activities for the Young Single Adults. It's so fun, and our kids love it. We introduced them to ice blocking (like sledding but in the summer!). Since it's so flat here, nobody had ever done it before. Random strangers kept coming up to us wondering what in the world was going on, ha ha! This is the only hill close to where we live, they call it "Kokomo Mountain." Ha ha! 

One Friday night we took our kids to see "Big Ben," a Kokomo classic. He was 16 feet long when he was alive!

Ben taking Delaney on a date. We thought it might help the kids adjust better with the baby. I don't know that it helped (time, more than anything, is really helping them adjust), but they sure LOVE spending one-on-one time with their dad.

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