Thursday, June 9, 2016

Welcome Summer

My dad wears his pants notoriously high. Ben loves to teach our kids to "pull your pants up like Grandpa."

The basement is dry (hooray!) and our kids have gotten back to riding their bikes around down there. Ephraim's favorite is this motorized 4-wheeler he calls his "tractor."

I completely missed the girls' preschool program since I had just had Frank the day before. Ben took some videos for me, including this one. Cheyenne asks a LOT of questions, that's our girl.

I don't know what the letters are about, but cute girls and boy!

This boy loves tractors and trucks of all kinds. He prays every night that his brother will love tractors too so they can play together!

This is an old photo obviously, but I forgot to post it. These kids love to climb backwards on the porch like this. It's one of their favorite things. It's the simple joys that make like great, isn't it?

Ben's Father's Day gift was a long time coming... a wood pellet smoker! He's already put it to good use.

Ben finished the kids' table. It is beautiful!

First brisket on our new smoker. Welcome summer!

Frank will often rest with his legs up like this.. he surely sat just like that in the womb. When Delaney was born, she literally had her legs crossed and I would always find her like that as a newborn.

Sometimes when Ben sees Frank's "beady little eyes" he thinks Frank doesn't look like our other kids and he calls him the Postman's baby. Cheyenne was wondering if the postman "delivered" our baby since he "delivers" everything else!

I've got about a million pictures of this kid on my phone. I know I'm his mom but I just think he is so adorable!!

This kid's new trick is...messes. It's a good thing he's cute!

One of my very favorite things in the entire world is the soft beautiful light on summer nights.

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