Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Creative minds have an interesting way of understanding the world. We must create in order to feel happy and centered, at peace with a world we are ever-learning about. For my creative mind, I've found I must write in order to achieve such peace. It's more than just a hobby or something nice I like to do. It's essential. It's as if the ideas floating around in my mind plague me until I write them down. I feel a literal pressure if I can't "release" them into printed words.

But such an environment where I can write freely and quietly is pretty hard to come by these days! So I've taken up Instagram.

I've been anti-Instagram in the past. I didn't really understand the point (doesn't it serve the same purpose as Facebook?) and I didn't want another time-sucker. Plus, none of my immediate family members are on there, so it didn't help me share with the people I love most.

But as I've gotten to know this forum better, I thought it would be a great solution to my current problem of being pressed for time. Instagram allows you to post ONE photo at a time, with a short description.

It's been a great solution for me. It pushes me to pull out my "real" camera more (when I know I only get to post one picture, I want it to be a good one) and connect the photos with some of these ideas that have been swirling around in my head. I tell myself to post one picture a day. So sometimes I simply post a picture of something I love, and other times I connect it with an idea I've been thinking about or an event I've been meaning to document. It's a good creative exercise, giving myself the boundaries of one picture and one day.

There's a couple of things I don't like about Instagram. It's all on your phone (I hate having to "compose" stuff on my phone, and using the on-screen keyboard). And since I use my "real" camera to take pictures, I have to download them all to my phone, which is annoying. But other than that it is a great way to record little thoughts and daily ideas you don't want to forget.

So follow me on Instagram! @ourgoldtoharvest I still plan to blog over here as often as I can (I can't fit all my thoughts on those little descriptions), and for those who don't do Instagram I will post synopsis-type posts on the blog occasionally so nothing will get lost. Hooray for technology allowing us creative people more ways to keep our sanity!

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