Monday, February 29, 2016

It's a Beautiful Life

This video is from a few months ago when I was in the nausea stage of pregnancy. We weren't ready to tell the kids, so they just thought it was super weird that I would lay on my bed a lot. Sometimes I like to make up silly songs to sing to them.

Back in the fall we had a little marshmallow roast with the kids. Ben wanted to embarrass me and document the best way to make a marshmallow!

For Valentine's Day each year, I like to recreate Ben and my first Valentine's Day (seven years ago!!). Back then we went to what would become one of our favorite restaurants, the Bombay House in Provo. I try to recreate the delicious meal every year for Valentine's Day. We got the kids in on it this year and played Indian music so it felt like we were in the restaurant. They loved it, even Delaney who had just woken up from a short nap.

Delaney is obsessed with Malificent from Sleeping Beauty, and sometimes loves being evil! I caught her doing this little gem and had to film it.

The kids were pretty excited when we found out in December we'd be having a boy.
It was our first time having 3D images of the little guy. My mom was convinced he looked like an alien.

 Here are some pictures I just got of him, at 27 weeks. He's starting to get a little chub on his cheeks and is looking so cute. I'm due May 25th.

I really popped out more quickly with this baby, #4. I feel like the progression of my bump is about a month ahead of where I usually am at this stage (I never get crazy big, I have a long torso and my babies are always in the 6 lb. range). I haven't been super sick. I've been able to continue exercising, which has been great. I'm 23 weeks in this picture. 

We had a Daddy Appreciation Week one week and Cheyenne loved being my little helper. She helped me secretly heart attack Ben's truck, make him some special treats, and make him cards. We had a special FHE where we talked about all the great things Dad does for our family. Cheyenne loved being a part of it all and loves planning things. Such a sweet girl. And we really appreciate our hardworking Daddy!!

Speaking of my little planner, one time she planned us a little tea party. We had bread, bacon bits, oranges, bananas, applesauce, and raspberry lemonade. She's so proud of herself in this picture.

On the first nice warm day Cheyenne took the kids on an "adventure" outside, and they all needed their backpacks, and they packed a picnic lunch. They walked around outside, and had their lunch on some blankets on the porch.

These two are cute little friends. Delaney got dressed to "match the snow" that day.

Delaney loves to take "selfies" with me

Everyday when Daddy comes home for lunch, Ephraim climbs up on his lap and requests a "tractor movie" on Daddy's phone. How can you resist a cute face like that?!

Cheyenne wanted her picture taken with this huge pink unicorn we saw one day while we were out grocery shopping

The nice, warm weather we've had on and off was just enough to thaw the ground and flood the basement. Luckily we are just renting, and it happened slowly enough nothing was ruined. It's started to dry out, so hopefully we'll make it through the spring all dry!

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