Friday, November 13, 2015

Fall & Being a Mother-Photographer

It's been so windy here almost all the leaves have been blown off the trees. It feels so comforting and warm to be inside, and hear the wind blowing through the bare limbs. We are so blessed to live in the time that we do, and be so easily protected from the elements. In my cozy spot inside, I'm reminiscing back on a few weeks ago when I took these pictures of the bright, sunny leaves, that are no more.

We took a slow walk through beautiful fall trees one late afternoon, the kids and I. There's a picturesque park near our house with a meandering trail through the trees, leaving plenty to be admired. It was definitely slow, but it certainly wasn't quiet, as the kids occupied themselves with sticks and leaves and jumping out of the stroller as I tried out different apertures.

While I'm not a professional by any stretch of the imagination, it's a hobby and a love of mine, to communicate to others through photographs. I love to evoke a mood or capture a feeling, and express that to others through what I see from my camera. I'm somebody who feels with my eyes, so to speak, but it's pretty hard to keep an eye on your subject and your children at the same time. I've been tempted to stop pulling the camera out for a while. You need to essentially ignore your children to compose a good photograph, or halfway watch them and hope the exposure was right, because that was the only chance you get. Most of the time I'm dissatisfied, I didn't get to take the picture that I wanted, or the photo doesn't communicate what I was hoping. I need a lot of practice, which is not very plausible when the things you want to photograph always coincide with times you also have three little people to watch. So I've thought, why not hang it up for a while, wait until the kids get a little older and need less hands-on-ness. But I know that I wont, and I can't. When I do capture something I love, it brings me so much joy, and gratitude. Hobbies you really truly love, should never be given up on.

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