Tuesday, October 20, 2015

In which Ben goes across the pond, and other adventures

 Cheyenne's face in this one!

It was a beautiful foggy fall day while we were there with the preschool class

 Ben went on a work trip to Germany so I took the opportunity to visit two of my sisters. Here at Heather's house.

 One of the only photos I took at Sarah's. It's funny Sarah and I are the "photographers" of the family, but when we are together we never pull out our cameras!

 Sarah has a super cute house they've been remodeling

Here is an old photo of when Sarah came to visit me in Provo to prove we do actually like each other (and yet another time we failed to take almost any pictures).

 Ben's trip to Germany

the buildings, he said, were massive

When Daddy got home, we celebrated his 33rd birthday

Roasting marshmallows on the back porch

 This is "naked baby" (because she doesn't have a cotton body, so she's naked?). She's a big deal at our house.

Delaney and her expressions crack me up

 Watching General Conference

 Sleeping in our bed

Playing games on Mommy

My very first selfie. I finally joined the 21st century and got a smartphone!

 If you've ever wondered what it might look like to cook a few small plastic cars in the broiler drawer of your oven, wonder no more. It smells really nice too.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Ephraim the delight

I made this same smile as a kid, teeth sticking out with my bottom lip tucked under

Ephraim loves wearing headbands. Ben hates it because it's so girly, but I just think it is hilarious/so cute. I must be his mother!
Always has a car in his hand. Always.

Oh Ephraim, you are such a delight. You make it easy to love you. You have such a sweet disposition, a gentle way about you. You're affectionate and obedient, without guile. I'll take a moment to myself sometimes, but it won't be long before I hear a "Maaam?" calling around the corner. A smile breaks across my face. Daddy calls you a "Momma's Boy," but I know you love him just as much.  You'll want me right by you while you play with your cars, just happy to be in my company. It is strange that I am your mother, and I should be showering you with love, but for reasons I don't understand you shower me with love instead. And you always have, since before you were even born. When I see your happy little face appear around the corner I can't refrain myself from kissing your little head, or giving you a tight hug-- your presence such a comfort to me.

I've learned so much about love from you, Ephraim. Your love is unconditional. It's perfect in its kindness and cheerfulness. You draw others to you because of the calm, peaceful light of love that you carry. It's simply a part of who you have always been. It's the light of your Father in you.

Thank you for letting me be your mother. Thank you for being a small corner of my life that has always been filled with joy, encapsulated in a little boy that I love.


Your Mother