Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Our Cheyenne girl

Dear Cheyenne,

What a beautiful girl you are. You have a light and happiness the world needs! I love seeing you grow and experience life, to see the world again through your eyes.

You are nearly five years old and you're beginning to make sense of this world. I love the little stutter in your speech when your mouth is trying to say what your brain has already figured out. You are constantly telling me of things you have recently discovered or connected together.

You love school. You love having your brain stretched, to learn new things, to be part of a class. You find joy in simple things and love to laugh. You want desperately to connect with your peers. At the park, at the store, anywhere you see a kid your age, you announce to me that you are going to go over there and make a new friend.

Cheyenne, you are a go-getter, a planner. I remember in awe all places you have asked me to go: camping, to a museum, to plan a party, or see a cousin. And I smile because so many times we have said "yes" and you've made some great memories for us. You are so little yet so powerful.

Children are such a blessing. I've learned so much about how my Father in Heaven cares for me because of the way I care for you Cheyenne. And I found out he has more love for us than I had ever imagined.

I love you.


Your Mother

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