Friday, July 24, 2015

The Next Phase

new growth on a old tree

Life flashed before my eyes. We are closing one chapter and beginning another. My life used to be consumed with BABIES. Babies, babies, all day long. While my kids are certainly not grown up (Cheyenne is now 4.5, Delaney 3, and Ephraim 20 months), and are we are not done having babies, my kids are getting older.

The BABIES phase was very carefree. We would pick up at any time and decide to walk to the park. Or we would spend three hours just playing with friends. And it didn't mess up any schedule if I needed to just sit and hold a cranky baby. My house was always a disaster, but I was okay with it (my house is still a disaster, but just less so, I guess). Our life was VERY unstructured, and I liked it that way. I loved the freedom of this stage.

Old photos-- these were a year-and-a-half ago

Now, I'm starting to notice a need for scaffolding. More structure. My kids are no longer content following me around in whichever way I please.  They have their own agendas. Places they would like to go, or people they would like to see. And pretty soon Cheyenne will have some type of preschool to go to, creating a hard break on the BABIES phase and into the KIDS IN SCHOOL phase.

sorry Mom-- my kids always have dirty faces
I'm not mourning the carefree-ness of the BABIES phase being over, I can't seem to shake my laissez-faire attitude even if my kids are getting older. But God has been working at my heart to help me see that structure is a good thing, and I am excited about our future.

It also fills me with so much hope. Kids really DO get older and things DO change. It's hard to see, sometimes, when you are in the middle of it. I guess this is a post to show my gratitude for motherhood, for life, for dreams. Life is long, and change happens imperceptibly. We love to watch this series on Sundays and one of the boys talked about how his greatest longing is to have a spouse he loves and a family of his own. I remember as a kid feeling exactly that way. I have seven older siblings, and I've watched from a young age as they've grown their families and created lives together. I've always wanted that. And now it's here. Life is beautiful, and God is great. May I ever be grateful.

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