Sunday, June 7, 2015

feast upon the word

I looked out on the sea of eyes. It was silent as I took in a breath. "The Book of Mormon has the most Truth in it," I paused. 

"It contains God's word, and God's word in the way he wants it written. It's the most correct book on the earth," I stopped, my heart beating wildly. Thoughts I hadn't prepared were coming together, and coming out of my mouth.

"Wouldn't you want to share a book like that with those that you love? To show others the Truth you have learned from it?" I knew what I was saying was true, but these were not my words. God was using my mouth to teach me. As a teacher to others, my hope is that they would feel something, yet I felt something that day. And I have been forever changed since.

I've thought about it for weeks since I taught in Relief Society. I pick up and handle The Book of Mormon differently, now a precious book in my eyes. What had I said?

Joseph Smith calls The Book of Mormon "the most correct book on the Earth." Why? It has been translated once. God spoke to man, man wrote it down, and now it's ours to read and reread. If we want to read God's word the way he has always intended for it to be written, there is one book that is different than the rest.

Because The Book of Mormon is God's word pure and undefiled, it preaches Truth. In our world, many ideas are preached, sometimes subtly and others more overt. Some are true, others are not. Newsfeeds, blog posts, billboards, a conversation with a friend. We live in this world. We hustle and bustle, rising with the sun and laying down again at the day's end. Who's to say that we've interacted with Truth that day? How can one guarantee that God spoke to them today? Was God's voice was the loudest, the most often on their mind? How can you give yourself the gift of being in the world, but not of it?

The Book of Mormon. It was meant for this day, this time, a standard in a tilting planet. We can pick it up in the morning, read a verse midday, and close our day with His word. We can pair it with our meals, feeding our soul as well as body. We can devour it like the manna that it is, thanking God for direction in a world of tumult.

It lays there on my same dresser, yet it has changed. How grateful I am, I think to myself as I pass by it. This book is for me. This is God's word to me. It's like a fine ruby, no longer a familiar book from my childhood or a "to do" list item. I have now a reverence for this book I realize it has always deserved.

What would my life look like if I feasted upon the words of God? How can I start today to "flood the earth" (or flood my life) with the Book of Mormon? 

Life-changing, inspiring quotes about the Book of Mormon from a beloved prophet, Ezra Taft Benson, here.

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