Saturday, April 25, 2015

Writing: A Skill for the Kingdom of God

I have 65 drafts of posts for this blog. Does that drive you neat freaks crazy? Creativity of any form takes on a life of its own once it's ignited. Ideas come when you least expect it, or at inconvenient times. The ideas can be fleeting, a passing thought, just a brief glimpse into something more, or deep musings that are daily on my mind.

While I catalog my ideas, I'm learning the process of writing as well. I'll write a whole post and then decide it's in completely the wrong tone. These are usually ones filled with half-truths or judgmental comments that I find not consistent with who I really am. For when I figure this out better, I say, for when I have more Truth to say, and less judgments.

I constantly have the phrasing of things on my mind. While I'm in the middle of sweeping the floor and I'm pondering (always pondering), an idea for a great way to say something or a better way to explain a concept will come to mind.

But the inspiration to write, the confidence in my own abilities ebbs and flows. It might come in the morning while my kids are running around, but I know if I wait until I'm "ready" it won't come back. While I'm in school or very pregnant the ideas stop flowing, or slow to a trickle. I sometimes force myself to write, even when I know the product will be poor. It's essential to me.

Writing is how I learn. It's how I process my world. It allows me to creatively give life to the thoughts swirling around in my head. I never imagined writing would become something I crave. I am a writer.

But writing is more than simply something I enjoy doing or a personal reflection exercise. God communicates to us in written form. He needs great writers in His kingdom, people to convey the truths he's planted in their hearts. I don't always feel I do him justice-- in fact I know my writing is not perfect. But I can put away my pride and realize that stumbling and falling is the only way to really learn and get better-- by doing. If everyone was able to adequately express why they do certain good things, and do it in a way free of judgment and instead uplifting and inspiring to others, how much we would learn. This is why I try so hard to communicate, why the phrasing of things occupies my thoughts and why I want so badly to capture it.

And still, I'm very poor at it. But I have noticed through the years I've been keeping this blog, I am improving. So while my writing is personal and introspective, a way of learning and reflecting for me, my ultimate goal is to communicate to others. I feel God's love deeply, and know He wishes me to write so that others can feel what I feel, and see what I see. When written effectively, we can see the goodness of God in someone else's life and thereby find the goodness in our own. In my grandmother's prose I find this kind of inspiration, but her impact is only felt because she took the time to learn to communicate. It is God's hope that we all do the same.

What ideas and stories do you want to write down in order to bring others closer to Christ?

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