Saturday, February 21, 2015

Our Gold to Harvest

When I was a kid, I had the annoying habit of digging through the ice cream to get to the "good stuff." My family affectionately called me a "gold digger." Now I seek for gold, but it's just in a different way. I guess I never grew out of it. I'm looking for gold (I'm looking for meaning) in any place I can find it. This gold is inherent in our very lives, its woven into the fabric of our everyday, and it's up to us to harvest it.

I love the idea of harvest time. Sowing seeds and watching them grow, then collecting the fruits of your labor is a divine cycle. It takes work and effort, struggle and toil. This is the imagery I often think of for life, for work, and for growing. I am struggling and learning, and I am harvesting the pieces of gold, the meaning that I collect, here. It guides my future progress. It cements my learning. It makes me happier and more fulfilled.

But this is not simply "my" harvest. This is "our" harvest. Experiences each of us have are not just for our personal growth and learning. We can teach each other through the way we live. We can teach each other by the words that we share. I want to learn to communicate in such a way, here in this space, so that my thoughts are not simply in my head, but can be examined and viewed by another, for their own benefit. It's not to persuade, necessarily, but to increase understanding. To encourage self-reflection, to search for Truth. This is our gold to harvest.

I registered a domain name ( but you can still use my same old blog link ( to get there.

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