Monday, February 16, 2015

A Window to Life

It was a sweet little cabin, essentially one room, so we slept in close quarters. I got to play homesteader for a day, a dream I've always held on to. When I woke up in the morning a warm sunshine burned in my heart. Here is my family. We are all together. We have each other.

We took a short hike (and I do mean short) and gazed over the miles and beauty of God's creation. Striking red rock. Hazy blue hills. Snow-covered pines. Bare trees and low vegetation reaching heavenward. Our family is a piece of it here-- nestled in between the rocks and the trees.

Why is it that recreation is seen as an "extra"? We cut it out when times are tight, and push it off until we "have more free time." How can we gain a window into our lives if we never step away from it and see what it really is?

Perspective was never meant to be reserved for only the summer, for stress-free people, or limited to sandy beaches. It was meant for you and for me. For families, for students, for people living day-to-day lives.

Part of the problem, I think (part of my problem, anyway), is that I thought recreation needed to be long. It needed to be "worth it." But our trip ended up being less than 24 hours. We spend less than $100. And in that short amount of time we wound the rope that is our family tighter together. We formed a stronger bond.

I hope I remember this lesson always. That trips are not for relaxation, or adventure, or memory making, but for windows. To give complete focus to each other. To step off the hamster wheel for a minute and see what's important. It doesn't take a lot of time, but it makes time more valuable. May I ever remember.


  1. Love the pictures and great insight. Love you

  2. Just browsing your blog a little bit this afternoon. :) I love the beautiful pictures! And I just want to say that you look great. And your kids are adorable!