Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Seek out the Divine

The other day, one of our kids got up at 3am (totally normal), and although everyone else was able to fall back asleep, I wasn't (not uncommon). My discouragement heaped up on me, and I could not turn my brain off. Everyday I've been longing for hours that don't exist. A minute to write out my thoughts in a blog post. An hour to dream. Those are the kind of luxuries I haven't been able to capture the last few weeks.

But, I was up at 3am and I was longing to do something creative. Something unimportant, yet productive. I wanted to take chaos and create order. I love to switch up my blog design from time-to-time, so I set to customizing a template I found.

I know little to nothing about HTML and coding, but if there's one thing I've learned from my engineer husband, you can find the answer to just about any question you have on the internet. I've dabbled in HTML in the past, but usually with unsatisfactory results. I set to work on this specific code, trying to figure out logically where things would be placed and what certain things meant. When something would work I was delighted and surprised, and had the confidence to try and solve my other problems.

I'm certainly no expert (nor do I imagine I will ever have that kind of energy again), but I was so proud of myself. The design looks exactly how I had imagined in my mind. It was exactly what I needed in a dark time, an accomplishment, however small.

Creating something, problem solving, is so satisfying. I don't often seek out technical problems such as this one, but it has reminded me of something. We are all itching to create, and we see the world as our canvas. It's part of our divine identity to solve problems and leave beauty in our wake, with the touch of a hand.

Let us seek out the divine.

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