Friday, December 26, 2014

A Merry Christmas

We had a blissful Christmas. I thank the Lord for it. This was our first Christmas here at home, but it wasn't exactly like I had planned it. I had the stomach flu on Christmas Eve, and we got take-out for Christmas Eve dinner. I could barely keep my eyes open while I wrapped the kids' gifts, and Ben waited too long to go to the store, so all the stores were closed when we were trying to buy the ingredients for our Christmas breakfast and the kids' stockings. Things seemed a little bleak to me as we went to bed on Christmas Eve.

This kind of stuff happens to me. A lot, actually. Now I'm realizing that this isn't what it's all about, a picture-perfect Christmas. I think the Lord has taught me this a time or two now. At times like these I keep Mary, the mother of Jesus, constantly in my mind. Where was her perfect Christmas tree and gifts aplenty? Where was the soft place to lay her baby? We can look at what we do have, and stop worrying about what we don't.

I got up on Christmas morning with my beautiful family. We had an absolutely wonderful day together. When we spend days together like this and this, and days like yesterday, I imagine that these are what the eternities must be made up of.

President Monson always talks about memories being the "June roses" in the "December of our lives" (originally written by J.M. Barrie). I thought he meant picture-perfect snowball fights and days free of worries. But what he meant was the memory of a feeling. Feelings of love, peace, and happiness. And these can happen on any old day of the year, under any circumstances.

Let's bottle up those days and keep them glowing forever in our hearts. Merry Christmas to you all.

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