Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Meaningful Life: Creating Magic

Christmas. The mere word brings a smile to some peoples' faces. Magic ignites the season, and brings a special glow to every Christmas memory. I have given a lot of thought to what makes Christmas magical, and it has led me on a journey to the importance of magic, that "special feeling" that can make days seem brighter and afternoons happier.

What is magic? I define it this way: an escape. Another world. Something unexplained that excites you. We adults are looking for "magic" all the time. We read novels. We watch movies. Young children create their own magic. In their pretend play in the kitchen. In the belief of things that aren't "real." This is a true yearning we have that never goes away.

What is the benefit of magic? For young children, creating and participating in magic has a great effect. In my eyes it's so much more than an "outlet for creativity" or a "brain stretching exercise." We can help them realize that they create their own magic. That they can make anything special and exciting. When there's magic involved, they feel motivated and inspired. The possibilities are endless. There is a fire that comes with magic that cannot be duplicated.

We as adults would do good to learn this lesson, too. When life gets hard and seems dull, we can remember that it is within our own power to infuse bits of goodness and light into our life. To create magic.

I feel that magic when I think about raising my children. The ideas that swirl around, the different traditions and teaching tools I want to try seem endless. I see magic when I see our future. Building a farm house, creating a beautiful life, there are nothing but roses blooming in that picture.

But I have found, in my adult life, it does no good to compartmentalize magic. If the magic only happens when you "have time" to read a book, or when you are "free" from responsibilities on weekends, then about 90% of your life is lived without fire. You are forever looking forward to "dreamy" times and calling the rest drudgery.

How much we can learn from the simple ways of a child! Magic is everywhere. It explains how the dishes get clean, or why their skirt twirls in the wind, or what makes the clock chime on the hour (it's fairies, I tell you).

They don't need to escape anywhere because their world is magical.

When I am around my young children, it's easy to get caught up in their magic and it infects me. I start to notice how big and tall that tree is, as big as a house, or that the leaf really does look like a star. This is why people love being around little kids on Christmas morning.

When I don't allow myself to be a part of their magic, I realize it starts by being grateful. I begin to notice how the breeze makes everything smell like Earth, or how that cashier smiled at me for no good reason. Then I don't need to watch that movie to be tucked away into a beautiful kingdom, I see it all around me.

When magic permeates your life, there's no "living for the weekend" or "trying to find something fun to do" because you live it, daily. God gives us a beautiful, magical place to live in, each and every day.

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