Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sister Whitney

Whitney's birthday is actually tomorrow but she'll be in Ecuador tomorrow (for 6 months teaching English with her husband!!) so I wanted to post it today.

Whitney is the sister just older than me. But actually most of our adult lives we have lived in separate states so most of my fun, happy memories of Whitney are of us as little kids. She and my other sister Haley, we were a threesome. My mom made us coordinating sweatshirts one time in different colors that had our names ironed on them and we loved them. We also had these three little chairs in matching colors that we used all the time. Whitney is one of the reasons I loved having sisters. We played together, shared a room, we would talk late into the night about boys. We made up games and movie skits and everything in between. We made dandelion stew under the porch and snow tunnels in the yard. We shared friends and lots of laughs. Exactly what sisters are supposed to me.

One of the things I love about Whitney took place in her adult life. When Whitney first started college, she was UBER-social. It actually turned into a detriment to her studies. She loved people soo much that she had a hard time getting to class, or finding time to study. She was just so friendly, and unfortunately to a fault. But in the past few years, this weakness of hers has turned into a strength. She is still her super friendly self, but she uses it for good. Everyone loves Whitney. She was the Senior Class President of her university and was constantly involved in service projects and helping the missionaries. This is what I am so impressed with Whitney. She has successfully used Christ's Atonement to make herself a better person, and as a result be an instrument in His kingdom. These are my favorite kind of success stories. I love it when people are not perfect, but through Christ find a way to become a more like Him. Whitney has shown me that God does not change who we are, but instead uses our innate strengths to enable us to be His servant. I hope I can learn to do that as well.   

Love you Whitney! We will miss you! See you in November. 

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  1. That is so cool that they are going to go teach together. And I love her hair in that picture- looks great:)