Tuesday, January 29, 2013

World Views

I've been discovering some things about world views lately.

I view the world one way. It is influenced by how I was brought up, my personality, my current environment, and a myriad of other factors. Someone else sees the world in a totally different way, and it could even be the exact opposite of my world view. This is basic psychology.

What I didn't learn in college (or maybe I didn't correctly glean it), was, how do you reconcile these differences?

Is my "truth" right? Is their "truth" wrong?

One thing I know for sure is that there are eternal truths, and they will be true regardless of whether you actually believe them or perceive them to be true.

But what about the smaller things, like what product will add volume to my hair, or whether it's better to read your scriptures in the morning or at night, or if you bleed Democratic blue or Republican red?

The thing that I discovered is, you will probably never meet someone who sees the world exactly the way you do. The closest I've ever come to this is having a political conversation with one of my siblings, where a lot of times you feel like you are talking to a mirror. But what I am trying to say is, different people connect with your world view on different subjects. And you can learn from all of them.

One of the main reasons I've learned this fact is because I am married to Ben Dilsaver. His world view is, in many ways, so incredibly different than mine. I don't mean diametrically opposed, or bad in any way, but just different. I can't really talk to him about the ways I've discovered that help me not judge others, because it's not a problem for him in the same way it's a problem for me. That's one reason I write this blog. I write it for my children, where I hope it will someday help form their world view, and also for any others who may also have a world view similar to mine and could benefit from what I've learned.

Which brings me to the very last point I've gathered. Because there are so many different world views out there, you can't take what people say at face value (unless it's an eternal truth). What I mean is, instead of focusing on if someone is "wrong" or "right" or if they "have it figured out," I should instead be focusing on how I can fit that into my world view. How can what they've learned help me be better.

It's a lot more fun, more progress is made on my part, and there's so much less negative energy in my life.

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