Monday, October 8, 2012

A Meaningful Life: Sacred Sunday

When I was taught how to keep Sunday sacred, I understood it as a list of "don'ts." To keep Sunday sacred you go to church, wear a dress, you don't work, you don't shop, you choose lighter forms of recreation. I thought this was what made it the Sabbath.

Now I realize that if you want to keep something sacred, it's something that happens inside. Those so-called "rules" are a reflection of how you feel internally.

So if I want to make something sacred, I think first about why it is important to me. Why do I want to make the Sabbath day special for me and my family?

This is what Sunday means to me.
1. It's my gift to God each week. What does that look like in terms of dress? What would my house look like? How would I spend my time?
2. It's my spiritual renewal to start the week. What do I think about? View? Talk about?
3. It's special, uninterrupted family time. What are our priorities? How do we grow our relationships?
4. It's a time to teach my children to honor God. How do I show Sunday is important to me?

One of our very favorite parts of Sunday is the time Ben and I get to spend together. Life gets a little hectic during the week, and it's always rejuvenating to think we will get to spend several hours together on Sunday. By some magic both girls end up napping after church and we have a wonderful time just talking and laughing. Sometimes we like to go on long drives in the evening, seeing the beauty around us, dreaming about our future, and just enjoying being together.

A couple Sundays ago we drove up the canyon and took in the beauty of the fall colors.

I'm so grateful for the Sabbath day.

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