Sunday, October 14, 2012

30 Years

My favorite guy has been alive for 30 years today.

And just for fun, here's 30 things he loves (in no particular order).

1. Sparkfun Electronics (especially Robert and the Friday New Product Post)
2. Deseret News or the "des news" as he calls it
3. Mowing the lawn
4. His Caterpillar boots
5. Thoroughly washing dishes
6. Singing this song
7. Rudy (probably because he looks just like Sean Astin)
8. Old tractors
9. Clean carpets
10. Dreaming about his retirement fund
11. Missionary work
12. Driving semi's 
13. Singing this song
15. Beef in all forms
16. Taking Cheyenne on walks to see construction sites
17. Making orange julius' 
18. Parodies on this song
20. Salads
21. Telling me I'm a blackfoot indian
22. Following the speed limit
23. Holding his sweet baby Delaney who he calls "Delains"
24. Demolition Derbys
25. Old houses
26. Fixing electronic farm equipment from his dad
27. A good hot meal fixed by his wife
29. Whistling

Even though my list wouldn't look anything like this (I mean, this didn't happen when we met), I love Ben with all my heart. I'm glad we get to spend the next 30 years together! You're wonderful Ben!


  1. Great picture! Happy birthday Ben!

  2. Fun post! I had no idea about the Canadian Border Patrol before this, I feel so much more safe. Ben seems like a pretty cool guy. I mean, I haven't even taken Allison by the Air Force museum yet.