Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Welcome Delaney Dilsaver!

Delaney Dilsaver arrived Saturday, July 14th, 2012 at 1:28pm. She weighed 6 lbs. 10 oz. and was 19.5 inches long. Dark hair and dark eyes and beautiful.

I don't want to get into all the details, but Delaney had been measuring small for the last couple of weeks so the doctor decided to induce me at 39 weeks. Labor was pretty short (5 hours) and she came out with one push! She is probably a miracle baby because the placenta came out right afterwards, meaning it had already detached itself, and also her cord had a true knot in it (both of these could have been fatal for the baby). So this story could have had a very different ending if we had waited until my due date. I'm grateful for an understanding doctor and lots of prayers from my family.

In labor

Delaney is born!

Brand new baby!

Proud father of two

Meeting her sister for the first time... not quite sure what to think

Our new family

Delaney's favorite pose. She loves to keep those little bird legs folded up!

We are a happy new family of four!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Three Cheers for Three Years!

Ben & I celebrated our third anniversary on June 19th.

It's hard to put into words what you love about someone. Especially someone who is a man of not many words himself, like Ben Dilsaver.

I really feel like I lucked out when I married him. There are so many amazing qualities in that man that I had absolutely no idea about when we were deciding to get married. I really feel like the Lord blessed me, with all of my imperfections and weaknesses, to find someone who would complete me and make me whole.

He has so many of the things I lack.
He never gets mad, he doesn't have a temper.
He is incredibly humble.
He is quick to forgive and forget.

Even if he didn't have another redeeming quality (which he does, many), these qualities alone have made our marriage a very happy one. I'm so grateful to be his wife. I love him.

My pitiful attempt at showing my gratitude is to get him a gift each year.

I got this beautiful wedding photo made up this year. I love it, so maybe it's more of a present for me than for him. I should probably be done with all the wedding-themed presents (year one, year two, and now year three) don't you think?

Happy three years with my best companion. I love you.

Summer So Far

We've been having a lot of fun this summer.

In June, my brother Derek got home from his mission to San Fernando California (I blogged about when he got the call back here, and a little about missions back here).

We had a lot of fun in Idaho hanging out with  family.

We've done some other activities that have kept us busy.
(L to R) 1. Flying kites at the park
2. Visiting an antique mall with Ben for our 3rd anniversary!
3. Ben helps out with the Utah Valley Marathon every year.
4. Ben went on a trip to Maine while I was out in Idaho. 

Cheyenne's been staying busy too.
1. One morning Cheyenne was quietly playing and then came out totally decked out in this hat, her pajamas, shoes, and a basket full of hud. What a kid.
2. Bad hair day when she woke up from a nap.
3. If you can't decide, just wear them all!
4. Another little something from Daddy's wardrobe. 

The 4th of July was a blast.
1. We started out with some patriotic pancakes.
2. Somebody really enjoyed the pancakes.
3. Spent the day in Riverton with my sister Bethany & her family. Cheyenne learned how to roll pizza dough.
4. And obviously, I am the favorite aunt to Alice and Grace.

We've had fun, but the real "fun" will start when this baby comes!!