Thursday, November 3, 2011

What's Cheyenne Been Up To?

What has Cheyenne been doing, you ask?

Well let me tell you.

 She's been sleeping in this crib, the same one her dad slept in. Ben (and even I helped!) put it together.

She's been having bathtime. A great feature of the basement is that there is no bathtub to speak of. So I bought this portable one online (in pink of course!). She loves it.

 She's been making cute faces and carrying her Winnie the Pooh around.

 She's been playing in the shower (one of her favorite pastimes).

She's been looking DANG CUTE in this coat I bought her that was a sale on a sale at Baby Gap. Best purchase I ever made.

 How can you resist that bald head?!

She's been keeping it real as a strawberry for Halloween. Of course without the hat. She's so over having things on her head.

So there you have it! That's what Cheyenne's been up to, since you've all been wondering.

And I've just learned how to use Photobucket and their collages, if you haven't noticed. I'm never going back.


  1. your comment on my blog just made my whole LIFE!! thats the best compliment i could ever get. thanks ashley! i forget that i had short hair back in our gangsta days. btw...your baby is getting so big! i cant hardly believe it. i wish i was in utah to see you as a mom!

  2. She is so cute!! Can't wait to hang out with you guys for a few days up in Montana!