Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving + 1st Birthday

We had a great time visiting Ben's grandparents in Montana for Thanksgiving.

Last Thanksgiving I was having turkey in a hospital room. I had given birth to my sweet little bundle of joy the day before, so this Thanksgiving was a welcome change.

Cheyenne loved being carted around on Grandma's walker.

Right after the full turkey dinner we had with Ben's grandparents and their friends Darrell and Sue, instead of pumpkin pie Cheyenne had a birthday cake! 

Her very first birthday cake! Since we were traveling Grandma D was nice enough to pick up a little pink cake at the store. Cheyenne loved it and dug right in.

We had fun going out to breakfast. Here we are at one of Grandma & Grandpa D's favorites, Perkins.

Cheyenne's got a new 'do that is quite a hit. And there are always visitors at Grandma & Grandpa's door!

Cheyenne was so happy to have her cousins to play with. She loves the new hat she got for her birthday.

Dannielle, Ben's sister, and her family came the day after Thanksgiving and we were so happy for the full house!

Until next year!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Dillon's Birthday

I mentioned before that we enjoy having my little brother Dillon live by us while he is going to his freshman year of college.

Sunday was his birthday, the big 1-9.

He got a birthday package from Mom, which, you can tell, he was very excited about.
Can you tell he is a 19-year-old boy? All he gets for his birthday is cookies, candy, and ho ho's!!

Cheyenne and her favorite 19-year-old uncle. Yes that is pizza sauce on her face and she's wearing her pajamas. She knows how to party in style.

We had fun celebrating with Dillon and his friend Meagan. I even made a few construction paper party hats.

Cheyenne always makes this face when she is afraid the flash will get in her eyes.

See ya!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Meaningful Life: Music

I talked back in this post about how my mom instilled in me a love of music.

I LOVE listening to music, especially vocal performance. I'm not talking about the radio or popular singers or the like; I'm sure I enjoy listening to those just about as much as anybody. But what I'm talking about is trained, in tune, rich, beautiful notes.

Being in love with singing, specifically, definitely has a lot to do with my own mother's love of vocal performance (as a Vocal Performance Teaching major in college). And I've also been in school choirs, regional choirs, special group choirs, solos, group ensembles, church choirs, and state choirs constantly from 6th grade to 12th. That might also have something to do with my love of incredibly good music.

I took a group voice class one time in college, and I realized something. A group of us got together to practice our music, and they started talking about the class and saying, "This is a great class, but I have no idea what our teacher's talking about when she explains to us how to use our voices. The imagery she uses? It's like it's in another language." That's when I realized that I speak the language of music. Now, obviously, I am no concert soloist by any stretch of the imagination, but I get music. Granted, this was a beginning singing class, and in reality there are a lot of people who speak the language of music, but sadly, as I learned from this experience and others, there are a lot of  people who don't.

So one thing I think that makes life meaningful is good music, real music. Music that calms the soul and gladdens the heart. So one thing I want to be a part of my kids' life is the emotional and spiritual experience that is music.

When I was pregnant, I was trying to find "the" song that was relaxing enough that it could "transport" me into another place while I was in labor. Although I don't think I really accomplished this when I gave birth, this is a song I have come back to over and over again throughout my life that instantly calms me. Turn it up LOUD and make it full screen to get the full effect.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

What's Cheyenne Been Up To?

What has Cheyenne been doing, you ask?

Well let me tell you.

 She's been sleeping in this crib, the same one her dad slept in. Ben (and even I helped!) put it together.

She's been having bathtime. A great feature of the basement is that there is no bathtub to speak of. So I bought this portable one online (in pink of course!). She loves it.

 She's been making cute faces and carrying her Winnie the Pooh around.

 She's been playing in the shower (one of her favorite pastimes).

She's been looking DANG CUTE in this coat I bought her that was a sale on a sale at Baby Gap. Best purchase I ever made.

 How can you resist that bald head?!

She's been keeping it real as a strawberry for Halloween. Of course without the hat. She's so over having things on her head.

So there you have it! That's what Cheyenne's been up to, since you've all been wondering.

And I've just learned how to use Photobucket and their collages, if you haven't noticed. I'm never going back.