Sunday, October 16, 2011

Birthday Boy

On Friday was Ben's birthday. Ben is not very particular in most areas of his life, even his birthday. It's usually with much arm-twisting if I get any preferences out of him.
"What kind of cake do you want?"
"What do you want to have for dinner?"
"Whatever you're making."
"What do you want for a birthday gift?"
And it's not like he's trying to be noble, like I sometimes try to be when I want to emulate him. He actually really doesn't have a preference, and really would not be bummed if he didn't get anything for his birthday. So when I prodded him for a while about a birthday cake and got a response, I jumped on it. He wanted an ice cream cake, yellow cake with chocolate ice cream. Huh? Kind of random if you ask me. Anyway, no ice cream place makes that combination, and I couldn't find a single recipe with those two ingredients. Then, I found these:

Obviously this still isn't the right combination, but they look totally awesome, don't they?
Of course I wasn't going to pay $8 for these puppies when I could make them myself. They are so simple.
A small layer of cake
Chocolate sauce
Big old scoop of ice cream
Frosting + Sprinkles

For Ben's birthday dinner, we went to Tucano's. For a meat lover, you can't get better than all-you-can eat meat.

Here's a meat-eater in training

Fully-trained meat eater.

 Two peas in a pod
 Can you resist those dimples? She has started smiling when I bring out my camera, it's so cute!

For Ben's birthday he got a new heater for our house (not by choice...). This is his little helper who thinks screwdrivers are toys.

I'm losing my baby and gaining a toddler! She looks so grown up in the picture. She's only 10.5 months.

Happy Birthday to my favorite 29 year old!! I'm so lucky to have him as my companion.


  1. Hey Ash- Nice blog. That cupcake you made for Ben looks so dang yummy!! Nice wreath too! I'm impressed! :) Sure miss you...
    P.S. Thanks so much for coming over to visit us. It was nice to have my sister back.

  2. Happy birthday Ben! I had to laugh because Scott is the same way... though I think he really does have preferences but prefers to see my squirm haha. And they have the same birthday, so we've both been trying to tackle the finicky husband birthday dilemma. Ps, your little one is toooooo cute! I do love the dimples!