Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Best Friend

A few weeks ago my best friend from Horseshoe Bend High School got married.

Amanda is one in a million, and you never forget somebody like her.

I was the new girl in high school, and she went out of her way to welcome me and be my friend. Especially in high school, that is a big deal and it meant a lot to me.

On our sports teams I was REALLY bad, and Amanda was a superstar. She took me under her wing and would practice with me everyday. She was always my partner, even though our skill levels were miles apart.

Amanda wasn't just nice to me, but to everyone. Everyone knew and loved her in our small town because of  what a good person she was.

I remember that a few times I was mean to Amanda, would leave her out or some other dumb thing, but no matter what happened she was still my friend. Now that is a good friend.

All through college she was the one that kept in touch with me, calling me and checking up on me and seeing if I was married yet.

So this past weekend I was so happy to "give Amanda away" to one who seemed deserving. Tears came to my eyes as I thought about how kind, helpful, and thoughtful she had been to me. And tears came to my eyes as I realized that she now had a companion who saw all of these good traits in her. She now had someone who gets her humor, thinks she is beautiful, and appreciates her strengths. I was so happy to see the groom, Justin, looking at her like he was the luckiest guy in the world. Because he is.

Cheyenne with her grandpa while visiting in Horseshoe Bend for Amanda's wedding.

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  1. Hey, nice blog about your best friend name Amanda. But, what about me? ;)