Friday, September 30, 2011

A Meaningful Life: Good Books

Dear Cheyenne,

One thing I think that makes a meaningful life is filling our time with good books. I read a lot of classics while I was pregnant with you, and continue to do so.

I try to read a little of the original Winnie the Pooh books to you everyday. Right now you don't really get anything out of them, but I hope someday you will remember the little gems of wisdom A.A. Milne hides in these innocent stories. Older books are filled with real virtues, and sometimes that's hard to find among so much "fluff" that is produced today.

One of my favorite books is Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I love the stories of the sisters with deep, loving friendships. I love how they serve others and help each other. I love how they practice self reliance and focus less on "society" and more on family. I want to read this book to you someday, or maybe we can even read it together. I hope I can teach you the principles of this book: love, friendship, and charity among others.

I've started making a list, even though it's a long way off, of all the books I want to include in our library. We don't have space for one in our house right now, but I hope someday we have a room dedicated just to books. I want you to see books as important, in no way outdated, and a wholesome way to get entertainment. I'm hoping that by making good books available to you, I can help you make good choices as to what will enrich your life.

There is one book that I think is more important, and teaches us more than all these other books combined. I read it everyday, and everyday I am uplifted by it. I have a goal (that I'm not good at yet) to read to you, Cheyenne, a little from this book, The Book of Mormon, everyday. Why do I want to read you this book? Because it calms my spirit. When I say words I don't really mean to your dad,  or when I think rude things about people I don't really know, this books helps me see where I am wrong. It helps me realize my own weaknesses, and things I can do to make them better. I use it as a source of strength in my life, and I hope I can teach you to do the same.

In time, I hope you come to see the books I see as important, as things that enrich your days. I want them to become a part of your life, and that they change you for the better. Because that's what they've done for me.



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