Monday, August 8, 2011

Fun in Illinois

Last month we were able to visit Ben's family in Illinois for a whole week. We had a great time!

Cheyenne and me at the airport

Ben playing with Natalie and Grant on the swing set. And doing his favorite thing-- fixing things.

Natalie absolutely adored Cheyenne and wanted to help me with everything! "Can I help you give her a bath?" "Can I feed her?" "Can I hold her?" It was too cute and I loved the help. Hopefully Cheyenne will grow up to be just as helpful as her older cousin.

Another great part about Grandma's house: toys! And cousins to play with!

I celebrated my birthday while I was there. I told Ben not to tell anyone, but before you knew it they threw me a party and everything! Here is the cake Michelle made me. I heard it was absolutely delicious, she is quite the cake maker. Although I didn't taste it myself since I'm still on a diet with my sisters (I've lost 12 lbs.!).
Natalie, Jaylyn, and Grant. Michelle, who is marrying Sam (Ben's brother) has two kids, Jaylyn and Gage. Jaylyn is Natalie's age and Gage is a year older than Grant. Is that perfect or what?

No trip to Illinois would be complete without a beautiful Midwestern sunset on the cornfields!

Cheyenne couldn't get enough of her cousins!

We miss you already!!


  1. Thanks so much for coming and being patient with Natalie and Grant. We had so much fun!!! Can't wait to see you in October!!

  2. Hey Ash! I love your picturs and blog! :)


  3. My favorite picture has the wrong caption. You should've said: And then she dropped her cake:)