Monday, February 28, 2011

Pictures of our life

Our little girl just turned 3 months old! Looking back at her newborn pictures, I believe I have a totally different baby. Who took my newborn?! At least this new baby is really cute :). She is all smiles and loves to be around people and interact with them. She also loves to watch BYU basketball and "The Jimmer" in action. She is starting to roll over (gets up on her side) and loves to play with her hands and talk really loud. She is sweet (most of the time) but does get scared easily, and currently hates the bath (she used to love it). Here are a few pictures of life with our 3 month old.

Our baby Ewok!

Getting ready to go on a walk with her friend Andy and my friend Jenelle.

My sweet BLUE eyed girl. Very blue like her Grandpa Flake or one of my siblings.

The two Ben Dilsavers

Zonked out after church

This is how she falls asleep on my lap... totally spread-eagled.


With Grandpa Flake at the Warhawk Museum, honoring Great Grandpa Emery.

She's getting so strong!