Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Baby Dressed in White

Cheyenne was blessed this past Sunday on January 2, 2011. Ben did a great job and Cheyenne was perfect for the blessing. We love our baby girl!
Here is our "baby dressed in white." This is the same dress I wore 22.5 years ago (and all of my sisters wore it too).

With Mom & Dad Dilsaver. Cheyenne misses them so much!!

Haley & Greg had a baby!! Jk. They came and to support and were part of the blessing too.

Showing off her bling from her Grandma Dilsaver.

She does smile!

You caught me!

I loved the little shoes. They are the only ones that actually fit.


  1. She is so cute! Glad everything went great on your little family's specail day! Give Cheyenne lots of kisses and hugs for us!

  2. Cute little Shy-shy (as I'm heard she's called). Don't forget all your sisters wore that and so did sweet Eliza! Too bad Alice didn't wear it. Peace out!