Monday, October 4, 2010

Brad Paisley, Movie Night & Conference

 I guess I'm really getting into these combination posts. Or maybe it's because I'm a lazy blogger!

We went to see Brad Paisley when he came to Salt Lake. We decided that we wanted to do one big "fun" thing before the baby came. We both love Brad Paisley so it was really fun for us. We actually had surprisingly good seats, considering we only bought our tickets the week before.

No, we weren't THIS close. Brad Paisley decided to come and sing to us poor folks, where he said he used to sit when he'd go to concerts. It was pretty cool. With Darius Rucker as his opening act, and perfect weather sitting in an outdoor ampitheatre, it was an awesome evening.

My sister Haley and her husband Greg are really into watching all the Star Wars movies. Greg also happens to work at Brick Oven, a pizza place. We happen to have a projector, perfect for watching movies. If you put all these things together you come up with Dinner & Movie Night with the Burrs! So I decided to change the tablecloth for the occasion, and I just happened to have this checkered one my good friend Emily Sorenson made me back in high school because we loved to go on picnics. Anyway, I made it really festive, brought out candles and played Italian music (sort of)! It was a fun evening.

Last item of business: Conference. Haley & Greg had tickets to the Saturday afternoon session and got tickets for us as well! It was great, even if we did have to sit all the way up in the balcony. Afterward we walked around Temple Square and of course had to check out the construction for Ben.

Greg & Haley

All of us

Ben & his pregnant wife


  1. Fun post! I like the picture of you and Haley and spouses at conference - though it's kind of a weird angle of Hayla. Anywho, fun!

  2. Glad you guys are doing fun stuff while you can. I remember the last concert I went to was when I was pregnant with Grace. It's was Paul's dad's band! Ha!

  3. Fun, Fun, Fun!!! Glad to hear you guys are well!!

  4. looks like you two are having lots of fun! and Ash you look so good! Can't wait to meet this new little one :)