Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm sew cool

My mom is an excellent seamstress.

She has SEVEN daughters, yet none of them seem to have gotten the sewing gene (we are pitiful beginners, wouldn't you say Sarah & Bethany?).

When I graduated from college, I decided that I wanted my graduation present to be a sewing machine. Because, of course, nothing says "rite of passage to motherhood" like a sewing machine, right?

So, with the help of Mom Dilsaver, some friendly sales people, and even Ben I picked out a beginning sewing machine that seemed to fit right. And my mom, being so gracious invited me up to old Horseshoe Bend for a week of sewing lessons. Of course, when we planned it all we didn't know that Mom would also be in charge of funeral meals all week for a sweet sister in our branch who passed away. But, I did sew all week and sewed two quilts and a car seat cover! (With a LOT of help from my mom, of course)

And here are the pictures to prove it!

This is what Mom & my "workstation" looked like. We took over the dining room table and most of the time had both machines going (especially Friday, my last day, we had a deadline to meet after all!). That's my little machine on the right:

Finished product #1: My first quilt!Granted, Mom did the actual "quilting" part, but I sewed all those triangles and squares together (and it's straight too, Sarah!).

Finished product #2: My second baby quilt!
(that bunch at the bottom is just from folding)

Here's a close up:
I tied this one, but Mom put on the cute ruffle.

And Finished Product #3: A car seat cover (I made this one all by myself!)

So, I mean sew, now I'm a seamstress! Jk. But I do feel a lot more confident in my sewing abilities and look forward to making many more products in the future.

And just for you, a baby bump picture:

P.S.-- I'm pretty sure I'm going to turn into my mom.
My mom is a great singer, I love to sing.
My mom was quite the swimmer and water skiier when she was younger, I LOVE to swim and water ski (altho I never get to practice the second one... if you have a boat we can be friends...)
My pregnancy is EXACTLY like all of my mom's.
My mom was a secondary ed teacher, I graduated in secondary ed teaching.

I guess that means I'm DESTINED to be a seamstress!

Thanks Mom for EVERYTHING you have given me :)


  1. Cute Stuff! Now you'll have to give me some lessons!

  2. Great Job! My mom got me a sewing machine for Christmas, but I have yet to use it. I want to find out what I'm having first, but we should get together and do some projects! That is, if you're still in the Provo area.

  3. Way cute Ash! I love the fabric you chose. As soon as I get done with my summer classes we can have a sewing day together- I would LOVE that!
    And by the way, I love your baby bump. So excited for you two! :)

  4. You're looking good! I like your dress, it's way cute. Your quilts look great too!