Sunday, July 18, 2010

In case you haven't heard...

THIS is growing inside of me...

We are very excited for our little GIRL to be here sometime close to November 25, 2010 (Thanksgiving Day)!

Here's my baby bump:

Commonly asked questions answered:

-Yes, I have been sick this whole time. I throw up frequently. That's all you need to know.

-We are very happy to be having this baby. It was actually quite a blessing we got pregnant.

-We want to give our baby girl a "C" name. If you have any suggestions, let us know!

-I may or may not look for work until the baby comes. We'll see what opportunities come my way. Being sick does put a damper on it, though.

-I have two sisters who are also pregnant. Both due with girls, both due in October. So fun! Our girls are destined to be college roommates and best friends!


  1. cute shirt! I'll keep working on those names...

  2. Congratulations! Natalie is so excited to have a little girl cousin. Hope everything keeps going well!

  3. Charlotte, Christine, Cate, Cyla, Cecilia, Claire...

    I LOVE thinking of baby names!!!

    Ps, you are one cute pregnant lady. you're the kind of pregnant lady that makes other pregnant ladies want to hate you. but in a good way :)

  4. Yay! Congrats! So excited for you! Can't air it on FB or my blog yet cuz the hubby's family doesn't know, but me too!!! Due Jan. 4.

  5. I am glad she is coming before December, when I come to visit. So I can hold her and squeeze her! Jimmy and I love Claire for a C name.
    Boo to getting sick! Are you taking the miracle anti-nausea drug?

  6. Congrats Dilsavers! This is what I get for not seeing you in forever. Sheesh. I had no idea! We're thrilled for you! :)

  7. Claire, Clarisse, Camryn, Christina, Camille, Cheryl - hopefully those help the creative juices start flowing. :)

    Are you doing a C because you guys are A and B? I think that's so cute! Wish we could do something like that. And congrats on the girl - girls are a blast. Even Jer who wanted a boy really loves having Miyah.

    I'm sorry you've been so sick. Hopefully that will be over soon - has it gotten any better once you got into the 2nd trimester?

    And that is so so fun that she'll have close cousins! Congrats again!

  8. Cherisse, Cherish, Cami, Coralee, Candice, Carol, Caroline, Cassidy, Chantal, Chloe, Claudia, Courtney, Crystal ...

  9. Carly, Chandra, Callie, Cassy, Cadence, Carina

    Sorry I've had fun thinking about this and getting into it. Hope you don't mind :)

  10. Hey...I saw you at the funeral (sad place to be but it was good to see you!) I am sorry you have been sick but you looked so cute! Congratulations!!!! And I vote cute:) Good luck!!!