Monday, May 10, 2010

Visiting the High Desert

You know it's been a while since I blogged when BEN is telling me I need to post some pictures.

Two weeks ago Ben had a business trip out to Ridgecrest, CA in the middle of the desert. I decided to join him for a couple of days just for fun. One day we went exploring on the "high desert" as his grandma calls it.

They film a lot of movies out here. You know, important films like Westerns and movies like "The Pump."This is a very extinct volcano. Pretty cool.

This is us at a place called Fossil Falls. It used to be covered in water, thousands of years ago.

It was incredibly windy in the desert.

Ben loved "off roading" on this dry lake bed. Ben tells me some people love the desert and think it's beautiful. I think he's crazy.

We found a herd of sheep in the desert

Here we are at the overlook for Little Lake, probably the only water in the desert. Yes, it was very little.

Hope you enjoyed the pics!


  1. An update - finally! I loved the pictures - such a pretty place. Oh wait, I guess the desert is pretty. You look happy!

  2. Fossil falls looks nice! I love the pictures of you and Ben! Your hair is getting so long..