Monday, May 10, 2010

Visiting the High Desert

You know it's been a while since I blogged when BEN is telling me I need to post some pictures.

Two weeks ago Ben had a business trip out to Ridgecrest, CA in the middle of the desert. I decided to join him for a couple of days just for fun. One day we went exploring on the "high desert" as his grandma calls it.

They film a lot of movies out here. You know, important films like Westerns and movies like "The Pump."This is a very extinct volcano. Pretty cool.

This is us at a place called Fossil Falls. It used to be covered in water, thousands of years ago.

It was incredibly windy in the desert.

Ben loved "off roading" on this dry lake bed. Ben tells me some people love the desert and think it's beautiful. I think he's crazy.

We found a herd of sheep in the desert

Here we are at the overlook for Little Lake, probably the only water in the desert. Yes, it was very little.

Hope you enjoyed the pics!

I graduated

I graduated a couple of weeks ago from BYU.

I got my bachelor's degree in Social Science Teaching, basically it means I can teach any of the social sciences to jr. high and high school students. I even finished in four years, which I was proud of. I got to walk with the College of Nursing, where I have worked on campus for the past four years. And my favorite boss Mark even got to hand me my diploma. Now let me tell you, that is a happy picture. I'll have to post it up here once I buy it for 10 bucks.

Kinda crazy to think that my days as a student are over, it was a fun four years.

-I started June 2006 and ended in April 2010
-In the first two years of college I moved every four months
-I had a total of 28 roommates
-I never went home for the summer, but always had a blast in Provo in the summer
-I hiked the Narrows in Zion National Park
-I went on numerous bike rides to Utah Lake
-I floated down the Provo River in kiddie pool more than once
-I went swimming almost nightly one summer
-I had totally awesome dance parties
-I always had really fun summer holidays thanks to my awesome sister Haley
-I hiked the Y twice in one day
-I worked at the College of Nursing the whole time I was a student at BYU
-I made a lot of amazing friends that I will never forget
-I met the man of my dreams and got married

I guess you can say it won't be easy to forget my time at BYU.


You can never separate a man and his love for beef.

This picture is from a while ago when I got steaks for pretty cheap at Macy's.
Grilling steaks on a George Foreman, you know, living the high life.