Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A few of my friends

We all have friends. Some of them we see at church, others occasionally at school, and some every once in a while when we go home for the holidays. But then some of our friends we see practically everyday. And for that a moment in our life, they are our world. Let me introduce you to some of my friends that I could not live without.

This is Michelle and Nate. Michelle and I work as a team for student teaching. We laugh together, we cry together, and sometimes we dress alike. Without Michelle I think I would die. We get to bounce ideas off each other, we pick up each other's slack, and we can laugh at each other's jokes when the kids have no idea what we're talking about. We're so alike in temperament and management styles, teaching with Michelle is awesome. I'm so glad Michelle is my friend. Oh, and Nate. One time I watched "The Bachelor" with Nate and we bonded; he's a good guy.

Next comes Allie (who shall remain pictureless, per her request. But if you want to see pictures of her, click here). Allie also teaches at Canyon View Junior High as a student teacher for BYU. She teaches English, her room is two doors down from ours, and brightens our lives. Allie is a dream come true! She makes student teaching so much more fun. It's so fun to see her at lunch or after school and share our triumphs, or for me to brag to her about how good a teacher Michelle is, or to swap horror stories about student behavior. Allie always has a listening ear and an understanding heart. Allie hates ranch, mayonnaise, and could dribble circles around any 9th grade girl.

Then comes this guy. I couldn't leave him out could I? Which brings me to the reason for this photo shoot in the first place. A couple weeks ago Michelle, Allie and I had to be at the school until 6:30 pm on a Friday night (6:30!! Can you believe that? And we don't even get paid...) for parent-teacher conferences. Ben was sweet enough to arrive at the very end with a pizza and a smile on his face. Ben is the guy who would do anything for you, a guy who always looks for the best in other people, and a guy who would be the last one to brag about any accomplishment. This guy is strong where I am weak, and he lifts me up when I am down. I am so happy he is an eternal part of my life.

Last but not least... the fam!! We hang out with these guys probably once a week and we always have a blast. Haley and Greg are good company, and Derek's freshman stories provide the jokies. I always look forward to Sunday dinners for the laughs, jokes, Derek's home cooking and cookie bowls.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful week!


Ashley and Ben

P.S.- Little Derek got his mission call- California San Fernando speaking Korean. Here is the excitement of opening the call with ALL his freshman buddies...