Sunday, February 21, 2010

True Love

Well I had a great Valentines Day, despite the fact that I don't have very many pictures to show for it. Ben's mom made us this cute card (above) and sent four little heart plates. She's so thoughtful! We frosted some cookies on Valentines day and I wanted to take some pictures on these cute plates but I forgot until we only had one left:

Besides the fun Valentines gift, we also had a great Valentines date. Ben took me out to a new restaurant, PizzaPieCafe. It was a pizza buffet that was pretty good and Ben loved it. Afterward, we decided to watch a movie at home. Since it was a romantic day Ben let me pick a chick flick: Julie & Julia. We even got each other gifts. I got Ben two pair of jeans (which he really needed) and he got me a really nice framed picture of a photo I took last summer. It was a great weekend.

Speaking of this same great weekend, my brother Joel and his family came for a visit over President's Day. Joel hiked the Y for the first time ever. However, it was totally covered and snow, and it was so foggy you couldn't even see the view! Here we are at the top:(with me)

(with Derek)
(awesome hair, bro)

Thanks for the fun time, guys!

Speaking of fun times, I had a great time taking my sister's engagement photos a couple weeks ago.

We already know how I feel about old architecture:

I love the textures on this one.

So happy and in love. Congrats sis!

Have a great week!