Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hello blogging world.

This is me applying for student teaching:

And this is what General Conference looks like when you watch it at our apartment.




Dad and "skinny minny" Dillon. Mom was telling him all weekend to gain weight.

For your viewing pleasure.
Video #1: Ben recently bought a heavy duty tripod for work. He tested it out in our apartment.

Video #2: Sa-weet conference set up at our place. Interpreter for Cassidy, and enough "grucka" on the table to make people sick. Thank you Mom and Dad.


  1. Cool pictures. I love the pictures of most people sleeping or messing around during conference. Also I loved the video of conference - I think that is the longest, uninterrupted amount I have seen of conference.

  2. My favorite part was also the video of conference, because Mom asked Dad a doctrinal question, and he just kinda brushed her off. So typical:)


  3. I would hire you immediately as my teacher!

    Ben is a computer. And gross, were eating mayonnaise for dinner? I knew it.

    I was wondering how you would watch conference, seeing as you are the most righteous couple I know and don't have a TV. I tip my hat to you.