Sunday, September 27, 2009

3 Months

We've been married 3 months. And I've finally gotten my ring soldered together (although some people [Heather] have been waiting 3 years).

This picture captures the excitement of the engagement only seven months ago:

Proudly displaying the engagement ring on the night of attainment:

And here it is soldered together.

Next month will be our one year mark from our first date.
Next month Ben will turn 27.
Next month Dad will turn 64 (on the same day!), who has been married to my mom for 34 years, who also got married in June, and whose ring I tried to emulate.

Thank you for the example.
Thank you Ben for the happy marriage, and for getting my ring soldered together for free.

P.S.- I got this cool polaroid look from rollip


  1. WOO HOO THE DILSAVERS ARE BLOGGING AND I FOUND IT!!!! :) xoxo. love. p.s. pretty ring. pretty girl. pretty husband. marriage rocks. :)

  2. I love the top pic! yay for 3 months :)

  3. You guys are professionals at marriage now. Congrats! Your ring is the bomb.