Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Cards and the Temple

Well it looks like from the poll Ben and I tied as to whose card is better (altho I have suspicion that somebody has access to multiple computers at work to vote for himself). Nevertheless, I continue to make the cards. Hope you like these ones!

Pics from our Manti Temple trip.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

BIG Pics

I learned to put BIG pictures on my blog.

I am THIS happy.{not the other two}
You can too.

Monday, August 17, 2009

A vote

We ran out of thank you cards and started making our own. Ben would like to know, who do you think makes better cards? Please vote in the poll located on the right sidebar.

Exhibit A: Ashley's card for the Leale's "You're a Peach"

Exhibit B: Ben's card for Ashley's birthday. Notice the cake has shading and the jokey below.

Other happenings
Doesn't everyone wear a cowboy hat while they set up their projector?
Bon appetit! Olive Garden--Dilsaver style.
The chef herself after going to the gym-- Thanks Ben

The Leales and the Dilsavers. We'll sure miss you guys!!

Until next time!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Daily Adventures

Here's what we've been up to:

Ben has had insomnia of late but good things have come of it:
Ben was given some good advice from one of my siblings before we got married: All Flakes need their sleep. He has been really good about this, especially since he is still on "farmer standard time" and consistently gets up at 6AM everyday.

However, the last couple of days he has had trouble sleeping. He woke up at about 4AM this morning and rolls over next to me and says, "Hey Ash I love you."

To which I reply "Mhmm." This means "I love you too, but I'm sleeping." This is routinely at 6AM, but the insomnia caused it to happen at 4AM this morning.

Then at 5AM, Ben rolls over and says, "Hey Ash, I love you."


"I'm gonna go to the gym."


At 6AM, Ben comes home. "Hey Ash, I'm gonna make breakfast. You want eggs? Pancakes?"


"But we don't have any syrup. I'll go get some."

At 7AM, "Hey Ash I love you."


"I made you breakfast and I got you a surprise!"

So I sit down at for breakfast and Ben brings out my surprise. It was a jar of "hazelnut spread," or for those of you hazelnut-savvy, this is the ghetto version of Nutella. This is a favorite of mine, as I'm sure it would be of any Flake knew about it. It's basically chocolate you can put on bread, bagels, or pancakes, and it's not considered dessert, but actually lunch or breakfast. So basically you can fulfill your chocolate craving in an "acceptable" way instead of stuffing Ho Ho's or Hershey's Kisses down your throat. Awesome.

I think I'm going to go make myself a "snack" at work. Thank you Ben :).

Next item of business, Ben got a bad haircut:

"We're in the Army now."

Also, at this point I was glad I married a dude and not a girl, because I said so many mean things about his haircut, but instead of crying like a girl he thought I was saying some really funny jokes.

"Will they give you your money back?"

"They could've donated your hair to Locks of Love."

Ben: "It's okay, this is just the Lord preparing you for when I go bald. Do you still love me with less hair?" Ashley: Long pause...thinking, thinking..."Yes."

Ben: "What do you think about my haircut, is it growing on you?" Ashley: "No, but I wish more was growing on YOU."

Also, we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House:
It was beautiful. Some of my favorite parts:
-Beveled stars on the windows
-Windows and natural light in the ordinance rooms
-Beautiful murals of Utah scenery in the ordinance rooms
-Sealing rooms on the top floor. I told Ben a long time ago this is how I thought the Provo Temple should be, because the sealing ordinance is the closest you can come to God. Glad to see me and the Prophet (or probably just the architect of the temple) are on the same brain wave.

Last: The make-up birthday
As many of you are aware, I didn't have the best birthday. I didn't even get a cake. So Ben made up for it the other day by making me the molten lava cake mix we had bought for my birthday. Many of you are also aware that Ben doesn't really know how to cook. However, they actually turned out pretty well, and Ben says that he can make them "perfect" next time.

Apron courtesy of Mom Flake.

P.S.- What's a ramekin